experience porsanger AND FINNMARK

Verdde Hotel Lakselv is, with its location in the middle of Finnmark, a perfect starting point to experience the midnight sun, northern lights and beautiful nature throughout Finnmark, which also offers good human encounters and both Sami and Kvensk culture. 

Here we show you some of the things you can see and experience in the local area and the region. We also offer accommodation, and our restaurant is open for those who want a nice dining experience.


Banak links golf park

Banak Links Golf Park is the world's northernmost links course, located in stunning surroundings by the beautiful Porsangerfjord. The golf course is operated by North Cape Golf Club. Please contact Paul Ivar Nilsen for more information, phone 9419 8815 about the possibility of renting golf sets and using the course.

solheim trim

Solheim Trim&Fysioterapi AS offers Gym - O2-power - O2 Max - Spinning - Water gymnastics - Bootcamp - Crossfit - Physiotherapy - Solarium

Our guests have their own rates, please contact reception for information.

Hiking in porsanger

Porsanger is a fantastic starting point for short and long hikes. With 4873 square kilometers we can offer spectacular experiences, silence and variety in hiking terrain.

Salmon fishing

Lakselva, Stabburselva and Børselva offer great fishing and nature experiences, and many return year after year to seek their fishing luck in what is considered to be one of Norway's best salmon rivers.

Kvensk Institute

The Kvensk Institute is a national center for the Kven language and culture, with the purpose of developing, documenting and disseminating knowledge and information about the Kven language and culture and promoting the use of the Kven language in society. 

stabbursdalen national park

In Stabbursdalen National Park you will find the world's northernmost pine forest, with its associated wildlife. In addition, you will find high, barren mountains and deep valleys, exciting geological deposits, beautiful watercourses and plains with mirror-like mountain lakes. The park extends over 749 km2, which gives room for silence and fantastic nature experiences.

stabbursnes nature house and museum

Stabbursnes Naturhus and Museum is an information center for nature and culture in Finnmark, and a visitor center for the national park in Stabbursdalen. The center is located in scenic surroundings with Stabburselva, Porsangerfjorden and Stabbursdalen as a great starting point for real nature experiences.

Porsanger Museum

Porsanger Museum is run by the RiddoDuottarMuseat foundation and has its main base in the center of Lakselv. Exhibits from its own collection show Sami, Kven and Norwegian cultural history, as well as the history of the Second World War. 


The Sami Parliament is the elected parliament of the Sami people in Norway, and is an independent elected body. You can learn more about the building, history and parliament on their website. There are also drop-in guided tours of the Sami Parliament in Karasjok at 13:00 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

sapmi park


In Sápmi Park you can experience Sámi culture and history in an entertaining and engaging way. There are exciting activities in Sápmi Park every day during the summer months.

visit north cape

The North Cape is the northernmost point in Europe and is just a two-hour drive from Lakselv. The area is a fascinating destination with spectacular scenery and picturesque fishing villages. Stay here and explore an exciting area. 

destination sápmi

Destination Sápmi is the heart of Finnmark, and shows you some of what the municipalities in Inner Finnmark have to offer. Three peoples and languages - Sami, Kven and Norwegian - live together in one community.